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Branden L.

Those Rifts ballpoint pens... they're great!

When I got one in my Christmas Surprise package, I was expecting a cheap, run-of-the-mill pen with the Palladium/Rifts logo slapped on it. I was pleasantly surprised with how smooth it writes, and its nice grip. I just ordered four more!

Your pens are better than the pens they give us!

Your pens are of the same quality as your books, nice!


“Last week's game stood out to me by far! We were taking on a team of super-intelligent mutant pig bikers in After the Bomb. We ended up securing the contract our team was trying to get by scraping through the finish line with our ice cream truck on fire and on top of the pigs' hot rod. We're still laughing and talking about it.”


...It may sound corny, but when I had some really nasty stuff going on in life when I was a younger person your games gave me a great escape to look forward to on the week ends when my friends would get together and we would roam north america as our favorite personas. The lore writing and mechanics of the game inspired me to start writing my own homebrew that I hope one day to publish. Now if i can just find that 20 years of gaming bag I had when I was a teenager that got destroyed in a move I would be so happy. Again thank you for the years of gaming, the awesome lore, and helping me deal with some heavy stuff in a creative way.


I support the decision for Savage Rifts. Uses the Savage Worlds rules published by Pinnacle. ... Savage Rifts works as an amazing translation and really allows players and GMs to get the same crazy gonzo Rifts feeling but uses a rules set that flows really well and works. I'm going to be a player in a Savage Rifts game that will be starting soon and I'm super excited!

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